Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Talk: Beau Zwart x BlueCity

Moderator: Evita de Roode

Beau Zwart is currently in residence at BlueCity, the testing ground for the circular economy in the old Tropicana swimming pool. Here he will spend two months in conversation with the entrepreneurs and makers of the BlueCity Lab, and he is inspired by raw materials such as seaweed, residual fruit, mycelium and mealworms. The new music resulting from this special project will be heard for the first time during MOMO.

About Beau Zwart
Beau Zwart is a DJ and producer, makes film music and has been playing classical piano since childhood. This versatility can be heard in the productions of the Rotterdammer, in which he brings funk, house and jazz together into a stimulating whole. He played at ADE, Grasnapolsky and Noorderslag, among others.

About BlueCity
BlueCity, located in the former Tropicana, is a circular example city. A hub for the circular economy that revolves around entrepreneurship, demonstration and knowledge sharing. The aim of BlueCity is to stimulate the transition to a circular economy by giving entrepreneurship ample scope. They will house approximately 50 companies in the building, which are forerunners within the circular economy. They not only have offices and workplaces, but also a laboratory and space for small-scale production.

Language: Dutch
Location: MOMO Playground, Schouwbergplein
Time: 13:30 – 14:00

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