MOMO Festival 2020

    Tabea Martin


    The moment of transition. The passage. The moment when the other body becomes nothing more than a memory. Is forced to do so. The moment when a body falls silent and the other, the one that lives on, also falls silent. The moment when you recognise it is the end. Until you realise again that your own body is also mortal. Until you realise again that there is no separation. Enduring and presenting this moment. Sharing. Questioning. And then celebrating. Perhaps it will be a big celebration.

    This is exactly wat Nothing Left deals with: the death of another, of others. Nothing Left is part of a three-part series of productions that Swiss choreographer Tabea Martin is developing on the theme of transience: This is my last dance about the transience of one’s own body (2018), Forever about our perceptions of life after death (2019) and Nothing Left of which you can visit the pre-premiere at MOMO Festival 2020!

    Nothing Left aims to illuminate and investigate the death of others: the dance is the confrontation with your own behavior and that of another person. Tabea Martin is interested in how the body reacts. What happens to it. How it processes and copes with such situations. What turns its world upside-down? How it suffers and mourns. But also, how it overcomes pain.

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