Friday 22 April

MOMO Festival 2021

Szu-Yi Wang

Zi Yuan

A stroll in the Hanzi garden (Zì Yuán) with language, poems, and performance

西 Xī (west), a bird flies back to its nest as the sun falls in which the ancient then named it ‘west’. When was your last time seeing a bird returning to its nest?

As inspired by the gardening concept in the ‘Voedseltuin‘ (the Food Garden) in Rotterdam and responding to the climate issues about water resources, Szu-Yi Wang selected some Hanzi (Chinese characters) that indicate the ancients’ observation and understanding of nature and transforms them into paper sculptures. Her installations reflect on the awareness of the environmental issues and reconnect our sensibility to nature from a fresh perspective. The subtle storytelling wishes to recall a sense of care about the environment through a spoken tour in the garden.

Voedseltuin Rotterdam

Szu-Yi Wang

Focusing on spatial narrative and the experience in a city, Szu-Yi Wang from Taiwan is an artist and spatial designer exploring the subjects from urban nature to social-cultural dialogues. She takes ‘interior’ as a lens looking into the intimate, flexible gestures and soft interventions toward spatial issues. Her works are unfolded in a poetic atmosphere with her unique sensibility and eastern narrative. Working with light and shadow, space and language, she inquiries into the more inclusive relationships between humans & nature, objects and senses, urban landscape & the environment.

Nicole van den Berg

Nicole van den Berg will be performing in the work of Szu-Yi Wang in the Voedseltuin. She is active within the realm of both performance and visual art. She graduated in 2017 from Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg, where she studied modern dance and dance theatre. Next to developing her own artistic practice she been working as a performer with among others Dario Tortorelli, De Nederlandse Reisopera, Annemijn Rijk and Loïc Perela.

With her background in performing arts she is fascinated by bodies that are under constant transformation. Recurring themes in her work include the processes of growth and disintegration and organic architectures at different scales, as well as the dialogue between light and dark and how it perpetually reshapes our reality.

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