Friday 14 April, Saturday 2 September

MOMO 2023

Sustainable Food & Drinks

MOMO Playground (Free Entrance)

At MOMO Festival we co-operate with local producers and distributors to get the freshest products, and to have the best possible impact on our planet and community!

At many of the festival venues you will find bar with food and drink. All the food at our locations is vegan and sustainable. On MOMO Playground you will find sandwich by Falafval.

At our bars (at Arminius and Playground) you will find organic wine by grapedistrict, soft drinks by Saru Soda, apple and pear juice by de Buytenhof, beers by the Rotterdam brewery Kaapse, coffee by the social collective Sococo and sandwiches by Falafval.

Even our catering menu for artists and crew is fully plant based and we work together with Pieter Pot and Rechstreex for the most sustainable solutions!

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