Subbacultcha! Day Party

This year, Subbacultcha! and Motel Mozaïque team up to curate a Day Party at the notorious Baja Beach Club at the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. This Day Party is organized in co-operation with Roodkapje.

Time schedule:
13:30 – 14:00 Goodnight Moonlight
14:30 – 15:00 Mountain States
15:30 – 16:00 Floris Bates & his rented friends
16:30 – 17:00 Santa Fé

The Subbacultcha Day Party line-up


Floris Bates & His Rented Friends

Floris Bates’ music is a mixture of emo vulnerability and sexual frustration. The contrast of his musical skills and punky skepticism makes it sound like Andrew Lloyd Webber on adderall while crying over his lost toyboy. The music itself is best described as psychedelic/new-age/classical/emo/reverb/more reverb/jazz/metal/pocketpoolpop/punk/bluesrock/indie which makes it easy on the ear. Inspired by Falco, Sonic Youth, Barry Manilow, Donny Osmond and Phil Collins’ legendary “The Best Ballads Of Phil Collins”.

Mountain States

“Nijmegen’s Mountain States have been playing together for less than a year, but their toe tappingly taut and fuzzy guitar pop has already garnered comparisons to Beach Fossils and Real Estate. Get on board!” – subbacultcha.nl

Goodnight Moonlight

Goodnight Moonlight (Jasper Boogaard) is a lo-fi musician based in Rotterdam.  The debut EP is called Drinking Wine In The Parking Lot and is available on cassette (for those who do not own a walkman or cassette player, it also includes high-quality download on Bandcamp and unlimited streaming as well). “5 songs about love, whatever that is”. Check him out in that band Dog Food as well.

DJ Project X Haren DJ

Ultra long pop songs, with some -extra- unnecessary guitar solo’s and music your weird uncle supposed to like. DJ Project X Haren DJ is, in a way, Utopia in one person. Keywords: never forget, heavy on the guitar, low on the sugar and nothing to win nothing to lose.

DJ Limited Ambition

All-rounder Keimpe Koldijk is just playing a great selection of music in the Baja Beach Club, which must be a special occasion for the venue.

DJ De Raaf

De Raaf or The Raven spins pop/rock/electronica records from the present that are founded in the alternative dance scene of the late seventies and the early eighties. This guy also likes to play some heavy punk/garage or wave.

Saturday April 11th | 13:00 – 17:00

Location: De Baja

Karel Doormanstraat 10-12

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