Saturday 15 April

21:00-22:00, Theater Rotterdam (Main Hall)

MOMO Festival 2022


Zwangere Guy, Jazz, Vega & Astro

Anyone who has been following Zwangere Guy for a while knows that the successful Brussels rapper was not always a solo artist. Together with fellow citizens Jazz, Astrofisiks and DJ Vega, he has been forming the supergroup STIKSTOF for years.

Since the release of their debut album in 2014, the men have rocked just about every major Belgian festival, from Dour to Rock Werchter. With their grim lyrics and rock-solid productions, they became one of the standard bearers of the Brussels hip-hop scene.

Family above all, STIKSTOF’s fourth full-length, anchors that reputation. Humo awarded the album with four stars, and De Morgen judged: “On Familie Boven Alles they carelessly switch from the conscious hip-hop beats of the nineties to ultra-log contemporary stuff, as reconciliators of generations.”

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