Friday 2 September, Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Steilrand Expeditie – the Art of Zaaien

Guides: Pia, Renée & Sebastiaan

To the north of Rotterdam, special stories are hidden in the landscape. Many winters ago, the excavation of peat created a considerable difference in height in the land; a steep edge. In the coming seasons the Steilrand Expedition collective will travel through this area to collect the stories of this man-made phenomenon and map out the ecological connections that go with it. 

During MOMO, you can join them on one of their expeditions, themed the art of seeding. We will depart from the rocky landscape of the city to a place where we will work with native plants. Together we will put on the plant coat. With too art of seeding, we as humans enter the ecological playing field that is both in the city and along the steep edge.

Poetic contribution: Wessel Klootwijk

Transportation: Bicycle
Day: 22 April Friday & 23 April Saturday

All tours start from MOMO Playground on Schouwburgplein.

There is a small amount of bikes available at Schouwburgplein, be on time if you want to use them.  To be sure of transport, bring your own bike.

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