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SQUARE-O-METER is an interactive meeting point in the public space; a theatrical installation that makes the present and the future of the city instantly tangible. In the frame of ‘Imagine 2020’ the Rotterdamse Schouwburg invited TG Space to develop a project about climate change and related social issues in the public space. In SQUARE-O-METER Tg Space is researching the public space as a place to encounter.

The general practice is that we pass each other if we don’t know each other. We might know the statistics but don’t think they are happening to us. We are alienated from one another; we don’t look at each other as individuals, but as an anonymous part of a group. How could we encounter and create change? How can a square become an intimate but politically engaged meeting place?

TG Space plants the SQUARE-O-METER in the middle of a square; to stop people and bring them in contact about their lives. The SQUARE-O-METER shows time-based data about life in the city. The people who gather around the SQUARE-O-METER see what’s happening right at that moment. The SQUARE-O-METER is like a thermometer under the armpit of the city. It’s a digital chartboard that makes statistics personal about the inhabitants; about climate-, demographic- and economical issues, but also about fictitious data like the amount of tears shed that day, marriage proposals, yearning looks or spontaneous smiles.

The idea of the SQUARE-O-METER is inspired by the world-o-meter: worldometers.info


This program is made possible by Imagine 2020 – Art and Climate Change

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