Soylent Workshop

The name ‘Soylent’ is a reference to the 1973 sci-fi film Soylent Green, in which it is revealed that a futuristic new food designed to feed an overcrowded Earth was made of people. Replacing your conventional food intake with a thick nutritional sludge, a smoothie-like substance, which was launched as a crowdfunding sensation. It is basically a powdered science – human nutrition reduced to its most basic essentials. Thousands of years of culinary knowledge tossed aside, all in the name of efficiency.

Home-made specialists Jasper Griep & Koen Mooij will be your showmasters for the workshop, welcoming you to the post-food era. They will share their experience with Soylent as users, their knowledge about Soylent and the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to healthy nutrition. Also, they will provide steps on how to make a Soylent shake during the workshop, so that each one of you can make your own lunch shake.

when: Saturday 11:45 AM – 13:00

guides: Balie in co-operation with Roodkapje


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