Saturday 15 April

19:30 - 20:15, V11

MOMO Festival 2023


In early 2020, twin sisters Phoenix and Mercedes Arn-Horn saw the opportunity to explore something new and different, not knowing where the road would lead them.

Driven by the upheaval that seemed to dominate the bulk of 2020, including the mobilization of the Black Lives Matter, as well as the social and financial inequality exacerbated by the pandemic, the sisters found themselves channeling their frustration with the world at large into the music they were creating. 

“Softcult is very socially and politically driven. A lot of others seem to talk the talk but then never match actions with their words.” 

The duo’s EP “Year of the Snake” captures that disillusionment with powerful vocal harmonies and guitar-driven, grunge-tinged songs, spanning different sound pallets and genres: Grunge, Shoegaze, Dreampop. The EP sees the duo balance their biting social commentary with the more introspective songs.

“This song is everything we want to say to all incels out there with an obsessive hatred towards women they feel entitled to but will never have.” SOFTCULT ABOUT THEIR LATEST SINGLE “SOMEONE2ME”

“Armed with inclusive feminist anthems and a need to be outspoken as they carve out their new path, the Arn-Horns will be taking no shit as they prepare to roll-out their infallible new music.” FROM SINGLE REVIEW BY “THE LINE OF BEST FIT”

“We do feel a responsibility – almost a desperation – to change things before our time is over,” shares Mercedes, while Phoenix adds: “It’s our time to take the torch and hopefully make things better for the generation after us.” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “KERRANG”

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