Saturday 2 September

19:30 - 20:30, Rotown

MOMO 2023


Smudged are a thunderous musical demonstration of doing whatever you want. Risen from the primordial ooze of Rotterdam’s dampened DIY caverns, this fearless foursome scramble the very fabric of krautrock, noise punk, electronic pop and techno to new kinetic heights. Their offbeat live shows structurally unfold in novel forms of madness & mayhem, with hard hitting frontman/drummer Bart Hoogvliet as the group’s razzmatazz agitator.

The story of Smudged began like many other bands of their ilk. As childhood friends, Hoogvliet and synth/elektronica wizard Mink Steekelenburg started performing gigs together without much of a master plan in mind. The duo’s long honed chemistry started turning heads, enough for other kindred souls to join in on their combined mischief. Victor Heijink’s gatling gun bass blasts and Jim Impelman’s tempestuous guitars added both color and gusto to Smudged’s strange but catchy hodgepodge of influences.

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