Friday 2 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Smile with Ishmail

Tour Guide: Ishmail

Ishmail Kamara was born in Mambolo Chiefdom, Northern Sierra Leone. In 2012, Ishmail fled Sierra Leone ending up in Rotterdam, where he later discovered his true talents as a performing poet, writer and inspirational speaker. During a difficult start in the Netherlands, Ishmail created a podium through sport and creative writing, inspiring many people.

In 2016, Ishmail fulfilled his dream of becoming a soccer champion with amateur club Excelsior Maassluis after three seasons. After that triumph, he quit active soccer and pursued his other dream of becoming a full-time writer. He aims to change the world through telling stories that could have never been told. His debut collection of poems, ‘Smile,’ published in 2018, was inspired by Rotterdam West.

Ishmails tour will end with an audio visual performance by Moze Naél Winterdagen and Hami Roshan. 

Ishmail will guide you through Rotterdam West, sharing his story and poetry along the way and bringing you through his experience when he first arrived in Rotterdam.

Ishmails tour will begin at Eendrachtsplein.

Transport: Walking
Day: 22 April Friday

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