Friday 2 September

MOMO Festival 2022


For years Shishani has been hopping back and forth between the Netherlands and Namibia, her country of birth. With her quartet Namibian Tales she explored musical traditions of the San in the Kalahari Desert. And in 2019 she founded the band Miss Catharsis, which focuses on women of color. 

‘For me, music is something much bigger than I am,’ Shishani said recently in an interview with 3voor12. That explains the activist undertones in all her work. ‘Can you see with your heart and look past preconceptions / Can you see my soul, past the labeling section,’ she sings, for example, on her very first single ‘Minority’ (2012), which was recently re-released in a new format. The song can also be found on her new EP Miss Catharsis, on which she mixes soul, jazz, indie rock and the rhythms of the San.

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