Friday 22 April

00:00-01:00, Arminius

MOMO Festival 2022

Sad Night Dynamite

Josh Greacen and Archie Blagden grew up in Somerset, a stone’s throw from the site of the Glastonbury Festival. And if you almost have the festival of festivals in your backyard every year, it is not surprising that your own music style is a mishmash of genres. Hip hop, sure. But also britpop, dub and punk.

Put on the single ‘Icy Violence’ and a comparison with Gorillaz soon arises. But Sad Night Dynamite is also influenced by MF Doom, Dr Dre, The Clash and Portishead. The duo was hailed by NME and The Guardian, among others, and last year entered the studio with FKA Twigs, IDK and Pa Salieu. To be fair, at this rate it won’t be long before Sad Night Dynamite itself gets a coveted spot at Glastonbury.

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