Friday 14 April

21:00-22:00, Theater Rotterdam (Grote Zaal)

MOMO Festival 2022

S10 (cancelled)

The musical career of S10 (Stien den Hollander) has continuously reached new heights in recent years. With her candid lyrics about her psychological problems, she already conquered the hearts of music-loving Netherlands in 2017. Her debut album Snowsniper (2019) was received with superlatives by the music press and earned her an Edison for Best Alternative.

On the sequel Vlinders (2020), S10 moves even more effortlessly between pop ballads and electronic soundscapes, always with one foot in hip-hop. In the words of Volkskrant critic Menno Pot:

“S10 was already one of the most authentic voices in Dutch pop music. Now she is increasingly impressing with the emotional and musical versatility of her work.”

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