MOMO Festival

Rory de Groot (NL)

Rory de Groot, winner of the Work in Performance-price of Production House Rotterdam, comes to Motel Mozaïque with the solo performance ‘Hand in Hand’. This show is about his previous life as a professional soccer player at Feyenoord.

At the age of 21, he stopped playing soccer at a professional level at Feyenoord and De Groot auditioned for the Theatre and Cabaret Academy in Amsterdam. De Groot was accepted immediately. He was a regular member of the comedy collective “Comedy Explosion” during his student years. Javier Guzman and Claudia de Brei also took part in this collective. Later, various performances and own productions followed. Now, De Groot is working on his solo performance with Ria Marks and photographer Hans van der Meer that you can see at Motel Mozaique.

You do not have to be a soccer expert or fan to see this show. In ‘Hand in Hand’ Rory the Groot shares unique experiences and stories from his life as a former professional footballer. In combination with the music and soundscapes of composer Robert van der Tol memories are retrieved and fragments are displayed. “Hand in Hand” gives you a unique look into the life of a boy who was very close to a career in a world which is a dream for many. A story about missed opportunities and success. About football and Rotterdam. About goodbyes and sorrow. About winning and losing. About nostalgia and the future.

“… He sings, roars and talks like an aggressive blues rocker à la Jon Spencer.” – Volkskrant

“… This young man is Rory the Groot, a young actor who distinguishes himself with his beautiful hypnotic bass voice, his funny appearance and his inexhaustible inexhaustibility” – Moose


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