MOMO Festival

Rooftop tour: Poems From A Rooftop

Motel Mozaique & Archiguides present Poems From A Rooftop

Motel Mozaique takes you on a rooftop excursion, in which you can discover and admire Rotterdam’s roofscape. Rotterdam Archiguides, Architecture Institute Rotterdam (AIR) and Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) will develop a program with so called ‘rooftop sessions’, where rooftops in the city centre of Rotterdam will function as a stage.

Rotterdam is known as high-rise city, but still we experience Rotterdam mainly from the ground. With guided tours, small-scale activities and interventions – a real rooftop bar and a rooftop screening composed by the AFFR –  on rooftops of medium-high buildings, the attention is focussed on the roofscape of Rotterdam.

Saturday April 6th 14:00, 15:30 and 17:00. Duration: 1 hour. 

At the moment all rooftop tours have been booked, so we can’t take anymore reservations. 

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