Saturday 15 April

MOMO Festival 2023

Rival Consoles

London-based musician and producer Rival Consoles, creates driving, experimental electronic music that makes synthesisers sound human. His consistent desire to create a more organic, living sound, sees him forming pieces that capture a sense of songwriting behind the machines.

Over the course of a critically acclaimed fifteen-year career, Rival Consoles’ music has diversified from the challenging output of his early EPs to gradually become more conceptual and metamorphic, such as ‘Articulation’ (2020) which used drawings and sketches to imagine and develop each track, to ‘Overflow’ (2021), which explored themes of the human and emotional consequences of life surrounded by advancing technologies and social media.

His latest album ‘Now Is’ marks a new chapter in an ongoing quest for refinement and evolution. More playful and melodic, the album draws from much experimentation in minimalist songwriting and seamlessly blends synthesisers and acoustic instruments.

“With my previous record ‘Overflow’ being very dark, heavy and almost dystopian, I wanted to escape into a different world with this music and ended up creating a record which is a lot more colourful and euphoric.”

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