Friday 14 April, Saturday 2 September

Roodkapje Expo

MOMO 2023

Riso Paper Scissors

Art Residency at Roodkapje

Hocus Bogus Publishing is organising a Riso animation exploration bonanza that will be present also during MOMO Festival, transforming Roodkapje’s shared exhibition space into an analogue animation laboratory.

Hocus Bogus Productions fills the space with an A3 Riso machine, photocopier, overhead projectors and lots of hand tools.
The starting point is the idea that animation can be approached as a perpetual experimentation of cutting, pasting and printing. By (re)mixing and sampling analog as well as digital material, the residents will explore the animation medium beyond its traditional boundaries of perfectly drawn frames. Instead using things such as lo-fi office prints; Riso printed wobbly sketches or a LIVE GIF shadow play to think outside the animation frame. With many hands (making light work) and a playful attitude this one month animation bonanza the aim is to create a generous experience for magical misfit moving images.

Opening Times:

Friday: 15:00 – 23:00
Saturday: 13:00 – 23:00

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