MOMO Festival 2020

    Revue Regret

    Open Call Winner


    Revue Regret will join MOMO with two endurance performance pieces about change. Each in a very different part of the Maassilo and each dealing with change within the gigantic building, the performer and the audience. Each set will involve a different circus skill to endure and a different sensory response from the viewer.

    You have the chance to observe the change that is happening in the body of a performer, when pushed passed the limit one usually gets to see during a circus performance.

    Exhaustion, pain and discomfort are usually things we try to mask when presenting our craft. But one of the most frequently asked questions we get are ‘But doesn’t it hurt?’ ‘Is it not hard?’ Instead of telling it to the viewer, we want to show them.

    Revue Regret

    Revue Regret is a performance combo, formed of Jakob Jacobsson and Lisa Chudalla. They met in circus school in Rotterdam, dangling and suffering and eventually succeeding alongside each other in the rope.

    In 2016 the two first worked together for a poetic sword swallowing piece for the Performance Bar. ‘How to kill a Bluebird‘ turned from being not more than a curious experiment into a performance piece that quickly found its place in the oddest venues. They performed on top of bars, pub-poetry-evenings, two different circus festivals and small theatres.

    For the Delft Fringe Festival in 2017 the duo created a location-set 30 minute piece as ‘Revue Regret’. Three years later Revue Regret is in the process of creating a 50-minute circus theatre piece.

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