Thursday 13 April, Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April

MOMO Festival 2023


Beyond Consent

You might have seen him in our community campaign or on posters around Rotterdam.
Multi-disciplinary creative and performer Didi Kreike just launched his new modular collective R3LN4CHT. This fluid platform functions within a pack of creatives. Originating from their collective hivemind — they are claiming the ‘art’ in party, the ‘heat’ in theater and the ‘AV’ in rave. R3LN4CHT finds its roots in queer night life, visual- and pop culture. Next to shared thematics, R3LN4CHT questions codes and rules of artistic spaces. Their work is explicit, open-source and demands active spectatorship. 

During the festival in April, R3LN4CHT will experiment with the first results of their new work: ‘Beyond Consent’ in their own digital powerplay arena. An interactive, performative installation that researches the dynamic between privacy and voyeurism. ‘If the answer is yes, keep asking’.

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