Saturday 23 April

MOMO Festival 2021

Prairie WWWW

24 april 2021

Is there such a thing as a shared Taiwanese culture and identity? On her new EP, the experimental formation Prairie WWWW from Taipei is looking for an answer to that question.

The three-song Formosan Dreams is a kaleidoscopic retelling of the hidden histories, old folk legends and musical traditions of Taiwan – but with a modern sonic guise.

It takes a lot of digging to unravel centuries-old, almost forgotten stories, especially in a country that has many ethnic populations and, moreover, has been colonized for centuries by various powers. The five band members of Prairie WWWW took up the challenge and talk about their quest in MOMO’s Create & Perform program, broadcast on April 24. They conclude with a performance at a unique location in the Taiwanese countryside, which is perfectly in line with the special history of the country.

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