MOMO Festival

Post Office for you

Due to the success last year the Post Office is back at the Schouwburgplein!

Rotterdam is hip, innovative and direct, but there is also much history and nostalgia. We would like to contribute to this nostalgia. Away with SMS, What’s app, Twitter and Facebook, send post!

Send your impression of Motel Mozaique to your love, a neighbor, a colleague, a friend or make your grandmother happy. Come and type your own letter; we will send it for you!

“Dear penpal, today I am Motel Mozaique and it’s very cool! I miss you, because it’s always more fun when you’re here. But I’m not bored, there are so many nice people, I have seen many bands, the sun is shining and the city is very beautiful. One day I’ll take you here, but for now I will send you a letter …. ”

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