Plaza Mozaique

The Schouwburgplein will turn into Plaza Mozaique during the Motel Mozaique festival. Onze again, this square will undergo a complete transformation into the vibrant heart of the festival. For the third time in a row, Plaza Mozaique will present a diverse programme, this time connected with the theme ‘Making City’ and our new partners ZigZagCity, IABR and ZUS.

The biggest eye catcher on Plaza Mozaïque will be a work of the internationally respected Dutch artist Rob Sweere. He will present one of his inflatable objects on the Schouwburgplein. It is the first time that this work will be exhibited in an urban environment. By being able to enter the giant inflatable object, the public will undergo a special experience.

Also on show in and around the square is the project ‘Vive la Streetmusician’, which will feature intimate music performances by Torre Florim (De Staat) and Convoi Exceptional, among others. The Belgian theatre collective t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e. will present their latest work, Urban Distortions: an interdisciplinary installation performance featuring a mix of dance, live music and architecture.

Festival visitors will be able to exchange their tickets for a wristband at Plaza Mozaique. Apart from that, the square will also serve as a terrace and a starting point for many Guided Tours.

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