Friday 14 April

20:00 - 20:45, WORM

MOMO 2023

Phoebe Go

Australian artist Phoebe Lou has been releasing music since the early 2010s, first during high school years with the dream-pop band Snakadaktal, then with the duo Two People.

In 2022 she started her own project Phoebe Go releasing a handful of singles that converged into her recent EP Player.

With the solo career she’s endeavoring into a more intimate direction: heartfelt acoustic songs deliver a deep feeling of love, through the process of loss and healing that is growing up.

Hauntingly beautiful and radiantly raw, Phoebe Go’s debut EP is a gentle giant of a record. Not only does the Australian singer/songwriter succeed at introducing her solo artistry to the world, but she does so with substance, style, and soul-stirring finesse. Brooding, vulnerable indie pop and intense emotional reckoning come to life on Player, a refreshingly candid and confessional EP that aches with the warmth of a bleeding heart.” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “ATWOOD MAGAZINE”

“Marked by a spirit of perseverance, Phoebe Go’s emotionally-charged Player is a love letter to hope and a sonic exploration of optimism in the face of adversity. Phoebe Go guides listeners through these muddled headspaces with untempered courage, boldly charting the path to clarity with every note she plays.” EP REVIEW BY “THE LUNA COLLECTIVE”

What’s the title of your latest release, and what does it mean to you?
It’s called ‘Player’. This is my first release as a solo artist, so I think in a way the title ‘Player’ is all about finding my confidence, finding my own sh*t, you know. It’s about finding what music means to me, and finding myself within that.

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