MOMO Festival

Peeking at the Neighbours

‘During Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam is at it’s prettiest’. This is what 3voor12 wrote about Motel Mozaique last year. In some way, every city is at it’s prettiest during a festival, with lots of art, culture and activities. However, what is Rotterdam like without Motel Mozaique, the rest of the year? What’s it like living here?

This is for you to find out with ‘Peeking at the Neighbours’ (Gluren bij de Buren). This discovery tour brings you to an incredible living in the centre of Rotterdam, to the house of a true Rotterdam trendsetter and upcoming artist Sevdaliza gives you a hearty greeting in her house.

Feel like a Rotterdam citizen for one afternoon!

start Plaza Mozaïque
when Saturday April 5th
time 13:00
how by bicycle
how long two hours

send a mail at gidsentocht@motelmozaique.nl mentioning Gluren bij de Buren

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