MOMO Festival 2020

    Parfum de BoemBoem

    During MOMO Festival Parfum de BoemBoem will present two expeditions (by bike) along construction sites, amazing architecture and places where you witness the changes in the city.

    Rotterdam changes quickly and radically. Construction sites, cranes and wrecking balls create chaos in the streets and announce a new beginning. Skyscrapers rise quicker than their shadows, old buildings are torn down. The heart of the city transforms completely to a place where living, working and leisure come together. With titillating routes along construction sites, we tempt you to witness the changes in the city.

    When and where?

    Saturday April 20th at 11:30 and 14:30 hours. Duration: 2,5 hours. The tour starts at the heart of MOMO Festival at Schouwburgplein. Participation for MOMO Festival ticketholders (Saturday ticket, 2 or 3 day tickets) is free. Soon you will be able to make a reservation for one of the tours.

    Parfum de BoemBoem adds music, performance and spoken word to the places we visit, like Tamino who performed at a construction site two years ago (see photo below).

    Tamino op Depot bouwput Andreas Terlaak NRC
    Tamino at a construction site by Andreas Terlaak for newspaper NRC

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