Saturday 2 September

23:15 - 00:15, Rotown

MOMO 2023

Opus Kink

Bombastic and energetic, one of those bands that thrive and belong on stage. The Brighton sextet Opus Kink proposes a repertoire that mixes punk, jazz, folk, country and guitar pop. Each unpredictable show is filled with playfulness, experimentation: their brass-led, darkly charged repertoire has garnered a growing cult reputation in Britain and overseas, largely due to a penchant for hectic, unpredictable live shows full of experimentation and grim theatre.

If ever there was a band that I would recommend seeing with zero prior knowledge, it would be these guys. (…) The funky licks paired with chest-vibrating bass lines and incredible front-man-energy of lead singer, Angus Rogers, made for a set of sweaty sustained elation. Their energy was contagious and we all left with that prolonged feeling of excitable wonder.” FROM INTERVIEW WITH “LAST BUS MAGAZINE”

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