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MOMO Festival 2019


Cross-cultural sound which defies categorization

Music blogs tumbled over each other the past year to speak to Obongjayar. Pitchfork, Noisey and The Fader all agreed: this is the musical promise of the moment.

And rightly so: in the music of the Nigerian-British artist you discover a new layer after every listen. If you first hear that lived-through voice and uplifting percussion, then the unintelligible chants and jazzy melodies will come to mind. Obongjayar is political and spiritual, spoken word and soul, Lagos and London. And it is precisely this seemingly effortless melting pot of sounds and influences that can catapult him to unprecedented heights in the coming years.

“He’s a rare breed of musician—the kind so uncompromising with his vision, who speaks and creates so freely, it’s hard to really compare him with any contemporaries.” – Noisey


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