Saturday 2 September

23:30 - 01:34, Perron

MOMO 2023


MOMO Nights x Perron

Interstellar, progressive, and hypnotic transmissions collide within the work of Nera – a promising artist from the outskirts of Amsterdam. Nera’s unrivalled passion for electronic music with its underlying history and subcultures translate seemingly into her well-balanced selections of psychedelic rhythms and hidden trance gems with perfectly timed trips into the depths of layered emotive basslines. By merging the light and the dark while juxtaposing the old and the new, Nera’s sets become an evolving wave of energy, gradually raising the spirit on the dancefloor toward a transcendental sense of movement. Colourful and mindful – one foot on earth, one in outer space – creating a collective brainwave with ego-fading sound transmissions.

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