Saturday 2 September

Weelde - Blauwe Zaal, 03:00 - 06:00

MOMO Fabrique 2023

Nedda Sou

A beloved regular on Operator Radio, her selections are melodic, bassy, sometimes grimy, sometimes sing-along, but always creating motion on the dance floor. Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary maker and DJ Nedda Sou understands the power of the music she plays on a physical, emotional and societal level.

No stranger to the complexities and hardships of having a mixed identity, Nedda is driven by a desire to break down barriers and unite people in and outside the club under one groove.
After years of professional dance (including collaborations with Footlocker, Nike and MTV) and years of dedication to the club culture under her belt, Nedda truly embodies the term ‘clubhead’.

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