Thursday 13 April, Saturday 15 April

MOMO Festival 2023

Murky Ghost

MOMO Playground (Free Entrance)

Let Murky Ghost take you on a journey of healing through rhythm recitations about love, courage and vulnerability. 

As a performer with a diverse and intricate style of rhythm and recitation, Murky Ghost’s lyrics are praised for containing a wealth of consciousness guidance, spreading the gospel of a lost generation with the message, combining theater and dance elements. 

Murky Ghost’s performances emphasize emotional impact and information tension, with repeated shocks and careful timing, creating a style that is both cautious and intense. Through years of collaboration with dancer Yaa Chuu, opens up the body channels on stage, deepening sensory impressions.

The Taiwanese band will be five days in Rotterdam, they will work together with local artists for a residency organised in collaboration with LUCfest.

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