Mirjam Manusama

The avant-garde fashion designs of the Rotterdam Mirjam Manusama leave plenty of room for ambiguity: her clothing is not tied to a specific gender or season. Get rid of restrictive standards, give way to self-expression, innovation and sustainability!

Manusama studied Fashion Design at the HKU and then started designing costumes for dancers and the theater. Since 2015 she has been designing for the Rotterdam dance collective Amenti van Gil the Grid. She takes that experience with her in her own fashion label Manusama Nuance: her eye for movement, draping and androgynous fits can be seen in every design. That was also noticeable on the other side of the ocean because her first collection was selected for New York Fashion Week!

What exactly Mirjam Manusama will be doing at MOMO Festival 2022 we will keep as a surprise for a while.

Last year we spoke with Mirjam for the video series PERSPECTIVE in which we let makers and artists talk about their perspectives in the field of creativity, personal development and change.

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