Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April

MOMO 2022

Mirjam Manusama

Manusama Nuance – Evolving the spectrum between Fashion and Art.
The exhibition is open on Friday and Saturday

The avant-garde fashion designs of the Rotterdam Mirjam Manusama leave plenty of room for ambiguity: her clothing is not tied to a specific gender or season. Get rid of restrictive standards, give way to self-expression, innovation and sustainability!

Manusama studied Fashion Design at the HKU and then started designing costumes for dancers and the theater. Since 2015 she has been designing for the Rotterdam dance collective Amenti van Gil the Grid. She takes that experience with her in her own fashion label Manusama Nuance: her eye for movement, draping and androgynous fits can be seen in every design. That was also noticeable on the other side of the ocean because her first collection was selected for New York Fashion Week!

We open this exhibition with live dance performance and live music from House of Gong (traditional instruments from the Moluccas / Indonesia.

Welcome to our world where fashion and art come together.

A spectrum where we interweave old and new, where the possibilities are endless. As a maker, Mirjam uses multiple disciplines to tell her story and thus creates space to grow. How we gather and share vision and insights by living through experiences. Inspired by her own experiences as a human being and what her Moluccan Identity means to her, this forms the basis of her creation process. Within these experiences Mirjam meets other like-minded people.
The lived experiences are transformed into something tangible, a work of art, in which viewers can recognise themselves in their own individual way.

This exhibition manifests itself with this starting point – where different art forms meet. The exhibition exists through the collaboration between traditional, authentic disciplines and a new contemporary perspective. A transformational journey, healing and a way to embrace change.

Inspired by Mirjam’s drawings and story, Mirjam has invited 3 other artists with a Moluccan background (Ruben Manusama, Djé-rimo and Grenache Chissanne) to engage in a conversation through art. They developed a response in their own chosen medium and what comes together as part of a whole. All artists share a lot and have their own vision and way of life. These differences are a way of helping each other, learning from each other – and showing how the different perspectives we have are complementary and can co-exist.

Location: Ubik

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