MOMO Festival

    Melanie De Biasio

    Jazz, electronic & pop

    The fact that the Italian-Belgian Melanie De Biasio was awaiting a beautiful music career was already clear in her teens.

    On her twelfth she toured as a flautist with the Ensemble de l’Harmonie de Charleroi and later became part of various rock and jazz formations. When her first solo album, A Stomach Is Burning, appeared in 2007, she received many praising reviews and countless comparisons with Billie Holiday.

    Yet it is too blunt to call De Biasio simply a jazz singer. Thanks to the minimalist, electronic influences in her compositions, she manages to surprise every time. Not surprising: De Biasio finds nothing as important as spontaneity and improvisation. “Especially live, it can go in all directions”, she says in an interview with NRC Handelsblad. Expect the unexpected, we shall say.

    “It’s very rare for an artist to succeed in weaving her own world, while creating her own musical idiom. But that is exactly what Melanie de Biasio has done so far. More than anyone else, she captivates audiences with her esoteric and subtle style.” – Bozar

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