Marijn Brussaard

Admit it, you are glued to that smart phone of yours. Marijn Brussaard is the same, so he won’t hold it against you. On the contrary, he has taken broken chords and stuck them on wildly fanned out image sequences and taken up the war on digitalisation. Do we millennials still have any understanding of romance, identity and succes? Maybe. But what about sex, loneliness and narcissism, things Brussaard struggles with himself, as we find out when he offers us a look into his own inbox


Frascati Producties
Concept & performance: Marijn Brussaard
Performance: Barnaby Luke Savage
Final direction: Bianca van der Schoot
Text: Coen Cornelis
Lighting design: Wouter Versteege:
Coaching: Quirine Racké, Helena Muskens
Publication image & 3D animations: Thomas de Rijk

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