MOMO Fabrique 2022

Mapping Rotterdam

Mapping Rotterdam/ an art program during Motel Mozaique, made possible by CBK Rotterdam / BKOR

Rotterdam is member of the international network LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International), which promotes innovations and researches related to public lighting and urban design. During the weekend of Motel Mozaique two reconstruction works are highlighted in a special way. You can visit the video mappings for three nights straight.

‘De betekenaar’ is a huge mobile object by Hugo Friday that he uses to project fascinating laser line animations. For Mapping Rotterdam he developed a projection for the reconstruction of the monument de Nieuwe Delftse Poort (1995) Cor Kraat, bringing together history and future.

‘De Vogels’  is a work of Jan Bezemer, which from 1960 to 2015, graced the Spinoza building on the corner of the Coolsingel. Besides liberty, order and harmony, the work fitted entirely in keeping with the spirit of the reconstruction period. IThe work is not here anymore but this weekend a video mapping project by Afterlight revives the work. The projection is visible from the Luchtsingel route between venue and Anabel and the Hofbogen.

De Vogels is een werk van Jan Bezemer, dat van 1960 tot 2015 het Spinozagebouw op de hoek van de Coolsingel sierde. Het verbeeldde naast vrijheid ook orde en harmonie, geheel passend in de tijdgeest van de wederopbouwperiode. Het is inmiddels verdwenen maar wordt in dit weekend door een video mapping project van Afterlight weer tot leven gewekt. De projectie is zichtbaar vanaf de Luchtsingel route tussen poppodium Anabel en de Hofbogen.

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