Man-Yee Mok (NL)

Mok Man Yee studied Communications & Multimedia at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Since her graduation, she regularly organizes workshops in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Her animation ‘Introduction Studio Zi artists’ shows 15 of the  artists that are a part of the collective Studio Zi.

Studio Zi is a collective of art and design professionals from the creative sector. All artists in the collective have met each other by coincidence, but have one thing in common: their Chinese background. The collective was set up in 2011 by artist Fenmei Hu, who is also the leader of the organization. The group consists out of graphic designers, painters, illustrators, multimedia designers, fashion designers and photographers. The Studio Zi artists develop various activities from their studio in the centre of Rotterdam and are seeking to break the stereotype that the Dutch often have about the Chinese. Not every Chinese works in a (Chinese) restaurant!

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