Thursday 13 April, Friday 14 April, Saturday 15 April

WORM Foyer

MOMO Festival festival2023

Mama Limonada

Open Call Selection

What happens when childhood friends meet? 
And if you could see the show they complete? 
What’s the taste of lemonade? 
And if you could see how it’s made?
Sweet, sour, and refreshing.

Maite and Lorena invite you to drink some home-made lemonade while pondering on exactly what this “home-made” entails with Mama Limonada. This multidisciplinary piece is an ode to the different influences that made Maite and Lorena who they are today as childhood friends. A collage of values. With a playful twist to invite sharing and tasting. 

Maite Dardano is a Salvadorian-German dancer and actress based in Salzburg. Her work focuses on questioning the theatrical rules: How to create a room where the observer and the actor emerge together, how far boundaries can be melted or can be played with, without it necessarily being immersive, how the so-called observers can actually be moved? 

Lorena Rode is a German visual artist and writer based in Rotterdam. Her work focuses on the act of symbiosis, on the art and quest of living with each other as living and non-living beings. She combines many materials such as glass, ceramics, wool, or silver creating scenes of unlikely neighbours.

Thursday: 20:00 – 23:15
Friday: 19:30 – 00:15
Saturday: 19:45 – 23:30

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