MOMO Festival 2019

    Lubomyr Melnyk

    Lubomyr Melnyk (1948) counts as one of the most phenomenal and innovative pianists of the past decade(s). You would almost suspect the term ‘nimble-fingered’ was invented particularly for this Ukrainian: he can play some 19 notes per hand per second.

    In the seventies he developed the piano technique ‘continuous music’, with a high-speed stream of notes at its core. They are all cross-border compositions you should completely immerse yourself in, which is what also attracted the attention of Erased Tapes records (Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds). 2013 saw the label revive Melnyk’s career; since then he’s played Primavera, Le Guess Who and the Great Escape.

    ‘Minimalism at its most lush and ornate’
    – Pitchfork


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