Friday 22 April

MOMO Festival 2021

Lisette Ma Neza

23 april 2021

Lisette Ma Neza is known for her sharp pen and sweet voice. In her mix of poetry and music she searches for her own identity, her gender, her history and place in the world.

In 2017 she became the first woman, the first person of color and the first Dutch-speaking Belgian Champion Slam Poetry. In 2018 and 2019 she travelled abroad with her performance, to become Vice-European Champion Slam Poetry in Paris and Vice-World Champion in Rio de Janeiro. Her performances balance between painfully direct and amorous naieve and they often grab the audience by the throat.

Not only wil Motel Mozaique present Lisette Ma Neza during MOMO Create & Perform, but also at the festival O. and Oerol later on this year. So stay tuned for more!

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