Friday 2 September, Saturday 3 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Liefds (cancelled)


What is needed for proximity? And what do you do when you long for closeness, but cannot or do not succeed in getting closer? Komt u nader is a theatrical one-man installation that explores these questions.

Komt u nader
er staat een vrouw op het plein
die haar armen spreidt
de mensen op het plein vragen zich af
of ze haar vast moeten pakken
of dat ze juist een grens vormt
tot hier en niet verder

About the artist
Liedfs is an initiative of writer Annelies van Wijk. Under this name she writes prose, drama and essays, creates podcasts and creates theater installations and encounters. Imaginative, stylized language is often the foundation of her projects. She has made work for De Groene Amsterdammer, Het Filiaal Theatermakers and the Van Gogh Museum.
Van Wijk developed the concept for Komt u nader together with scenographer Marcel Kranendonk. He previously made work for Opera Theater Amsterdam, De Community and George & Eran Productions. In his work, Kranendonk searches for abstract translations of events or objects, which he then tries to reduce to their essence.

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