Friday 2 September

MOMO Festival 2022

Keep Rotterdam ugly

Guide: Matthijs

Since 2017 Matthijs van Burg has been photographing the most beautiful ‘ugly’ buildings in Rotterdam for his Instagram account. During this exclusive MOMO tour, he pauses (literally) at a number of striking buildings in the city that are on the list to be demolished or are going to get an architectural makeover (and thus won’t remain beautiful ‘ugly’). The tour is a declaration of love to this almost vanished architecture. But you will not only hear Matthijs’ story, but also residents and people involved will have their say.  

All tours start at MOMO Playground at Schouwburgplein 

There is a small amount of bikes available on Schouwburgplein, come early if you want to make use of it. To be sure of transport bring your own bike. 

Transport: Bike 
Day: 22 April Friday

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