MOMO Festival

Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE) – Worktable

Worktable is a live installation through a series of rooms – you can sign in and stay as long as you like. Inside you’ll be given instructions, equipment and safety goggles so you can get to work – it’s up to you how things fall apart, and how they come back together. Sign in and get to work.

Kate McIntosh is an artist working across the boundaries of performance, theatre, video and installation. From New Zealand and originally trained in dance, she has performed internationally since 1995. She was a founding member of the Belgian performance collective and punkrock band Poni, and she holds an MRes in Performance and Creative Research from Roehampton University (UK). Also she is a founding member of SPIN: the artist-run production and research platform based in Brussels.

Credits for Worktable:
Concept and realisation Kate McIntosh
Artistic Assistance Anda Skrējāne
Production SPIN
Thanks to Bruno Roubicek, Hester Chillingworth, Caroline Daish, Palli Banine, Ant Hampton, Joe Kelleher, Tim Etchells, Adrian Heathfield, Simon Bayly
Worktable was commissioned in the frame of the event ‘Performance Is a Dirty Work’ funded by Roehampton University.


This program is made possible by Imagine 2020 – Art and Climate Change

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