MOMO Festival 2020


    Open Call Winner

    The Return Of The Rat King

    The Maassilo used to a be giant food hub, where millions of rats used to gather to feed themselves. They were ruled by a rat king who made sure the servants lived an orderly, undisturbed life. The abundant supply of grains ensured that their numbers could grow considerably.

    However times changed with the beginning of digitalisation and the Maassilo could not keep up with automatization. The grain was sucked away and the rats had to look for a new territory. Their temple was desecrated, truckloads of rat carcasses were being carted off and thousands of these creatures chased the streets of Rotterdam-Zuid. Driven by their instinct, they looked for new inns that would feed them. Suddenly there was not only grain to eat, but the options were endless. They did not need the rat king anymore and could eat whatever they like whenever they like, on their own. In our performance installation, today’s fast pace consumption and hyper-individualization are examined from a postmodern perspective. The story of the rat in the trap, an attempt of the individual to find an identity and belonging in a fragmented capitalist society; Strategies range from hedonism to nihilism, from work addiction to retreat and spiritual seeking. The Rat King will return to the Maassilo, but what will he eat this time? Will his appetite ever be satisfied?

    Performance collective Krallenkrafft

    Krallenkrafft, a new Rotterdam based Performance collective existing of  Levin Stein, Angelika Geronymaki and Daryl Grootfaam. They follow an interdisciplinary approach, combining performance art and theatre with social science and new media. It was born out of a desire to invent new urban stories and legends based on historical research, medieval fairy-tale, spiritual belief and mythic archetypes. The three are making use of performative acts, mime theatre, big costumes, voice-over, new media, literature study and conceptual research.

    For this project Kallenkrafft is working together with fashion designer Laura Snijders.

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