• Friday 23:30-00:15 ROTOWN

MOMO Festival 2019


French indiepop

The first band that Parisian Anna Jean ever played in, did not necessarily make her happy. “We made melancholy indiefolk and left the stage sad after each performance,” she says. She began to long for a band with a more cheerful sound. Voilà: Juniore was born.

A sunny mix of French-speaking indie pop, yéyé and surf rock, with a melancholic edge now and then. In recent years, the quartet toured the world with debut album Ouh Là Là. With the release of a follow-up album on the horizon, it is now time for the second round.

”While you will need to be fluent in French in order to understand the lyrics, there’s still a creeping sense of melancholy in the tone that makes the emotion within the songs feel universal. For Juniore, the exploration of French culture and heritage has also played a part in forming the identity of the band.” – DQ agency


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