Saturday 2 September

17:30 - 18:00, Playground

MOMO 2023

Josephine Odhil

MOMO Playground (Free Entrance)

Josephine Odhil brings her surrealistic dream pop to MOMO Playground for daydreamers and adventurers. 
Josephine van Schaik, who already played at many festivals with her former band The Mysterons, creates mysterious songs that will take you to a world far away. After dropping four singles in the past two years, she released her debut album “Volatile” in January 2023. 

“Josephine Odhil‘s deft psychedelic pop leaves you in a daze of bewilderment, inciting questions such as ‘Does existence demand the omniscient storyteller or oblivious wanderer within ourselves?’” Review by Beats Per Minute

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