Friday 14 April

23:30 - 00:15, WORM

MOMO 2023

Joe Unknown

Nobody is capable of depicting the highs and lows of their own country like English artists. Joe Unknown captures vignettes of day-to-day British culture through poetic and witty observations on the controversial society that surrounds him.

In the likes of Slowthai or Sleaford Mods, his music dares to mix clashing genres like post-punk and rap. Frenetic rhymes, about under and upper class, run over drum ‘n’ bass loops, riding over the edge of countercultures.

In one year, with only three singles out, Joe Unknown already performed at Latitude, Reading, Sundown and Leeds festival; he caught the attention of audience, media, and MOMO Festival: who knows what he’ll pull out of his hat in the coming months!

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