MOMO Festival

Ivo Dimchev. P Project (BG)

Ivo Dimchev is truly gifted. Performing solo in Lili Händel, Dimchev moves around the stage on stiletto heels and thongs. Portraying himself as a voyeuristic and curious performer, Dimchew rightfully caught the attention of the general public in 2004.

Operating from his home in Brussels, this by origin Bulgarian choreographer sets out to show the world an extreme and colourful mixture of dance, theatre, music, photography, performance and graphic art. Over the years, Dimchev has created more than 30 unique performances, for which he has received a significant amount of international awards for dance and theatre.

Piano, Pray, Pussy, Poetry, Poppers and many more P’s are the founding themes from which Dimchev has retrieved inspiration to create his interactive performance by the name of P Project. P Project will again show the crowd a Dimchev, who is extravagant and humorous at the same time. P Project is not just be a stage play, it is an experience, which goes far beyond the expectations of any audience due to the arousing and absorbing nature of Dimchev’s vision on it’s surroundings. Theatertreffen (DE) selected P Project as one of the ten best performances of 2012. P Project is an extraordinary show, mesmerizing and unforgettable and when you’re lucky you will be paid very well!More info: ivodimchev.com

concept & music Ivo Dimchev
performances Ivo Dimchev and audience members
software development Matteo Sisti Sette
coproduction Impulstanz/Vienna, Kaaitheater, Trouble Festival/Les Halles, Hebbel Theater/Berlin, Volksroom, Humarts Foundation & Frascati Producties/Amsterdam
subsidised by Flemisch Community in Brussels

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