Saturday 2 September

22:30 - 23:15, V11

MOMO 2023

Italia 90

Social criticism, anti-corporatism, do-it-yourself ethic: the South London fourpiece Italia 90 represents all the purest dogmas of punk ethos. They deliver urgent and sharp lyrics, well-crafted rough sounds, drawing influence from a variety of genres, like post-hardcore, jazz, jungle and ranchera. The result is an abrasive and engaging post-punk which led the band to extensive coverage on BBC 6 Music and a diehard following across the UK and Europe. You might have seen them playing on a boat during Left of the Dial, or setting fire to the rock temple dB’s during Le Guess Who? festival.

After years of international touring experience and a string of solid singles and EP’s, on the 20th January 2023, Italia 90 finally released their debut album Living Human Treasure, which they will present during MOMO Festival 2023!

“It is a response to the tendency of countless modern bands who identify as, or are described as political, when their commentary amounts to little more than mundane descriptions of British life or sneering caricatures of an idle working class entirely of their invention. The fact that these groups seem to have far more hostility towards the apparently ordinary people they describe than the state or economic conditions that created them speaks volumes.” ITALIA 90 ABOUT THEIR SINGLE ‘LEISURE ACTIVITIES’

“The lyrics are about the radical chic of those whose true intentions are just a milquetoast progressivism and a kinder capitalism, an idea triggered in part by the regular pledges from individuals in the music industry to ‘unlearn’ abusive or discriminatory behaviours and explain them away by claiming they are a ‘work in progress’, only to repeat the cycle.” ITALIA 90 ABOUT THEIR LATEST SINGLE ‘TALES FROM BEYOND’

“Italia 90 are a frankly excellent live band, the kind of act that demand attention from the moment they arrive on stage. It’s forty or so minutes of searing post-punk, a kind of soaring amalgamation of Crass and The Clash, where guitars flutter and stab at you and the words come flying out at a wild yet tempered pace” LIVE REVIEW BY “JOYZINE”

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