Friday 14 April

19:15 - 20:00, V11

MOMO 2023

Indigo Sparke

Australian, but New York based, singer-songwriter Indigo Sparke is an artist capable of representing emotions in the most striking, sharp and evocative way.
The music magazine Pitchfork defined her debut album Echo (2021) “like a whisper in your ear, her follow-up [Hysteria, 2022] feels like a howl from a mountaintop.

While the world that Sparke inhabits is a rich tapestry of sound that pulls the listener into circular spaces of seemingly never ending minimalistic textures and harmonic suspensions, what’s most clearly on display is her voice and her song forms. Deceptively simple structures wind like labyrinths in a whirlwind of lyrical expression and vocal pageantry calling to mind the early works of PJ Harvey, Meredith Monk, and the like. 

“Hysteria evokes the emotions it describes. Sparke is not performing as someone feeling the feelings; she is their creator. You’ll find no catharsis in it because she places herself at the center of the chaos. Her (exceptional) voice is spectral, almost ghostly, calling to you from the depths. Its sound is circular, as the tracks evoke each other without offering direct callbacks, submerging you.FROM ALBUM REVIEW BY “POP MATTERS”

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